Lost in Memories – Original Painting by Elena B

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Lost in Memories – Original Painting by Elena B

Painting dimensions: 36 in x 48 in.
Medium used: acrylic paint on canvas.
Retail Value: $3000
A clash of colors representing emotions. There are brighter and darker colors like emotions but we all experience them subjectively. The eyes are the window to the soul that’s the reason why there’s emphasizing on the woman’s eyes.


About the Artist: 

When I first started the entire painting journey, it wasn’t about the gallery itself or selling the paintings, it was about the healing process. I saw it as a form of art therapy because every time I sat down to draw or paint something; I knew that I can express absolutely anything I want. It was a free process for filtering my negative emotions, stimulating my positive emotions and recreating my reality. I can paint whatever I want with giving no thought about whether someone will like it or not or if it’s appropriate or not. That’s the beauty of art therapy because you can express yourself in any way that you feel like without worrying about anything else. In art there are no boundaries.

After this process of self-healing, I started having fun with my paintings and it became a hobby. Hobbies are things that we do for personal pleasure that make us full and happy. Art became my best friend not only for healing and help but for fun and excitement.

The last part was when I finally decided to start a career from my hobby.

Most people think it’s hard and that’s true, it is but just like everything else in life, it has a risk and a reward. Art is still my therapist to whom I tell my disappointments, desires and life goals but art is also my friend with whom I have fun and pleasure. I would love for other people to experience this because art isn’t tied down to just drawing or painting, it’s much more. Dancing, music, writing, fashion, sports even cooking and many other things are forms of art through which you can heal, have fun, express yourself freely and inspire others.

Making a change in the world starts with making a change within yourself and in art it starts with art therapy, it continues with fun and it keeps going as far as you personally wish. Art therapy doesn’t always have to be connected to healing deep mental wounds or facing negative emotions, it can be as simple as refreshing your positive emotions and keeping track of your overall mental health. Sometimes when you’re not feeling good, you don’t need a therapist, you need yourself and any form of art can certainly help you with finding yourself.

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